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Brigadoon At Flat Rock. &  The Three French Hens Soap Company


A small 65 acre Farm  nestled  in the  misty Endless Mountains of Pennsylavania.

  We have a tree plantation of 14 acres, where native trees are planted to clean the waters that flow into the Chesapeake Bay.

We raise bees for honey, candles, soaps, balms and personal body items.

At our farm we have  Olive Eggers, Copper Marans,  Buff &  Rhode Island Red chickens for  healthy, colorful blue & brown eggs. 

My Greenhouse helps us to grow  vegetables & plants for the Local Farmers Market in the community... our herbs are naturally grown without any chemicals.

Our private pond has some pretty big catfish in it...as well as bass, perch  and crappies.

Hopefully our tiny orchard will produce apples  & some peaches.

The pigs we raise are pasture fed........ no chemicals ever!

I host creative lifestyle workshops for folks interested in living the good life.  Home made Soap,  Artisan Bread Baking, Candle Dippin & flower & vegetable planting.. 

 My 'nearly famous body balm'  is made with skin nourishing honey & beeswax we get right from the bees on our farm. 

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